Posted by: Administrator, 31.08.2017

The sixth year of the prestigious night run KOŠICE NIGHT RUN will be enjoyed by runners tomorrow – 1st of September. Sportsmen will be able to enjoy the trained running on Friday evening right in the center of Košice, the Main Street and the adjoining streets will belong to sport, music and a unique atmosphere.

The route this year begins at the Lower Gate and continues along Main Street in Košice. The runners make a turn for the first time at Immaculate, after hundreds of meters on Main Street they will turn to Zvonárska, Orlia, Mlynská and Štefánikova. From there, the music, lights and organizers will lead them to Hrnčiarska, at Miklušova Prison to Kováčska, by the Tesco they turn to the Main Street again, which they have not run on yet (at the Marathon Peace Square).

Following is a turn at the Tesco Supermarket, then the music will lead them to Mäsiarska Street. Their running shoes will follow the attractive Alžbetina Street, Vrátna, and then they will run back to the historical center and the Finishing line at the Dolná brána (Lower Gate), however they will reach this after yet another circle in the Center - on Main Street.

Spectacular music program, which starts at 18.00 at the Lower Gate, will also be very attractive to visitors of the event. In addition to the fans, the runners will also be encouraged by music on a unique track. The sixth year will bring more stages along the track, adding up up to eighteen. The place will belong to DJs like Rolo Kadela (Jazz stage), Incognito DJ (Retro club), DJ Mike Persley (Immaculata stage) or DJ Saxi on the main stage at the Lower Gate. The tradition of the drum show by Campana Batucada and Bubonz from Kosice will still be kept. In the Jazz Club you can also enjoy the music of Braňo Valanský with his band The Swines, in front of the historic town hall it will be the Roma band. Smelly Cat on Main Street welcomes Chico Galactico Band.

Interestingly, the run this year is around Legiotrain, which will be specially lit, visitors will have the opportunity to see the inside as well. After the run, it will illuminate with candles and kerosene, which perfectly complements the atmosphere that Košice Night Run is famous for.

The Košice Night Run event will require traffic restrictions in the narrow center of Košice. Several communications will be closed and will not be available for the cars from 19.00. The closure will run until 22:00 until the last runner reaches the finishing line. Parking in some locations will be from 13:00 with restrictions, respectively it will be possible to park only on one side at the Kováčska, Mäsiarská or Festival square.

The continuity of the traffic will be supervised by city police, traffic police and riot police. The closure will cover the streets: Zvonárska, Mlynská, Štefánikova, Vodná, Hrnčiarska, Kováčska, Kasárenské Námestie, Zbrojničná, Mäsiarska, Alžbetina, Vrátna, Orlia. We ask drivers for patience and co-operation, with more people being in the city center than usual.

The parking of the vehicles can be used at the designated parking spaces, on public holiday parking in Košice is free of charge alternatively you can use parking garage in the Aupark shopping center, where it is possible to park 6 hours free of charge during public holidays.

RUNNERS WILL BE DELIGHTED BY THE WEATHER Friday night should be extremely pleasant, even with the weather. "I can please the runners, the air temperature will be around 26 degrees Celsius in the evening, then about 24 degrees, with only a slight wind blows," said Martina Sadloňová of the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute. Presentation of the runners, where they will also pick up a measuring chip, shirt and instructions besides the start number, will be on Friday at OC Cassovia - next to EXIsport, 01.09.2017 from 09:00 to 16:00.