KNR 2018: The 7th year of Košice Night Run was achieved by unusual records
Posted by: Administrator, 08.09.2018

Košice Night Run lured thousands of visitors to the city center on Friday (7 September). The reasons were various, but the common reason was clearly the joy of the run. The runners and the fans who did not disappoint this year and created a perfect live scene, all enjoyed the run.

The seventh year of Košice Night Run was in the spirit of several "small" records. For the first time in the history of the run, more than 1,000 runners completed 10 km in less than an hour. Also interesting was the fact that the organizers were forced to close the registration on the eve of the event due to capacity constraints. Third of the records also accompanied the highest number of musical podiums, totaling up to 17, those were enjoyed by all lovers of dance music, jazz, funky, folk or chamber music.The runners were also encouraged for better performance energetic temperamental drummer band Campana Batucada, who has been the part of Košice Night Run since the beginning.

The runners also achieved a lot, many exceeded their own records and enjoyed the ideal weather conditions. Altogether, nearly 2000 were registered, with more than 180 children from Košice schools. The number of fans who came to encourage their loved ones directly to the city grew to a greater extent.

The runners started exactly at 20 o`clock, the start was moved to the Immaculata Statue. "We were cautious of the new space, because it's a bit narrower than at the Lower Gate, but it all worked well. I really want to thank all those who have helped us with the organization, we really appreciate it. The biggest thanks goes to the runners, they were very disciplined and they enjoyed it properly," said main organizer Marek Petráš from Radio Košice.

The best time on the ten kilometer track right in the heart of the eastern metropolis had the Ukrainian Viktor Starodubtsev, representing Bardejov Demolex. The time at the finishing line was 00:31:48. "I was running well. In the first round I ran fast and in the second I only kept the lead. It was nice, but I was a bit impeded by runners who were in their first lap," he said after winning the prize.

Tomáš Mušinský from Košice finished second with the time of 00:32:32. Only a second behind him was Michal Lami (00:32:33) who won bronze.

In the women's category same as last year was best Katarína Lamiová from Eset with 00:38:48 "I'm glad I'm at the finishing line, it's always such a good feeling, I was running pretty good. I probably did not have equal competitors, so I could afford to go to the lead which I have been checking during the run. I wanted to achieved the time under forty minutes, which I did, so I'm happy," she explained after the run.

Denisa Martonová finished second with time 00:40:47 and Viktória Pappová from Veľke Kapušany (3:41:37) took third place.

The best team of Košice Night Run 2018 was thanks to Emil Henček and Martin Kušnirik TJ Obalservis Košice (00:34:28). BigMedia (00:35:15) finished second, Eset's third place was run at 00:35:39.

Košice elementary schools have traditionally been involved in the seventh year. The fastest boy was Jakub Vinarčík from Požiarnická elementary school. Second place was taken by Slavomír Salončuk from Jenisejská elementary school. Dávid Mikula from Drábova 3 elementary school finished third.

The girls were also very fast. The fastest was Stacey Žeňuchová from Jan Amos Comenius Grammar School, the second finished Petra Bondrová from the Trebišovská Elementary School. Karin Schmidtová who won third place is also from Trebišovská Elementary School.

One of the elements of the Košice Night Run was also the opportunity to win tickets provided by the partner Košice Airport. Random runner can win two return flights to Düsseldorf with Eurowings. As a huge surprise for the smallest runners is the opportunity to win a family ticket to the same destination. Who will win the tickets, you will find out on air by Radio Košice on Monday (10.9.) And Tuesday (11.9.) in the afternoon.

The main organizer of Košice Night Run is Radio Košice, which has already confirmed the next year`s run: "We will see each other next year on Košice Runway Run on April 27th and in September we are scheduling the eighth edition of Košice Night Run, onto which we are already inviting all of you," concluded Marek Petráš from Radia Košice.