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Friday night in the east was really hot, not only because the temperatures were nearly in the thirties. The night runners met at the sixth year of the prestigious run: the Košice Night Run 2017. Exactly at twentieth hour, more than 1,600 athletes were running on Main Street, including children who had run a single circuit.

More stages and rotated track
The runners started again at the Lower Gate, but a ten-kilometer route was rotated this year, also spiced up by the run alongside Legiotrain, which was specially opened in the late hours to be enjoyed by visitors to the city. Familiar atmosphere was also complemented by musical stages that the athletes encouraged for better performance. In the center of the city, the local artists, prestigious DJs and leading artists secured their place: "It seems to me that the event is progressing every year, Košice Night Run is a great event, more and more people are coming, we love Košice, there is a great atmosphere, thanks to the organizers for inviting us. I think that energy is like a cycle, it comes from them to us and then back to them. That's very good, " said Igor Holka from Campan Batucada.

All runners, regardless of the time they achieved, received a medal in its original design. Likewise, most of them dressed in t-shirts: "We were also surprised by the fact that the runners came in the 2017 T-Shirts Edition, abroad, it is usually obligatory to put on the T-shirt of the organizer, over here people wear it on a voluntary basis, so we are very glad, it looked great on the track", said an organizer Marek Petráš. A total of 1760 runners registered for the run.

Winners Urban a Lamiová
The fastest amongst men was favorite Jozef URBAN with the time of 00:31:34: "It was quite warm compared to the last year, but Košice Night Run continues to overcome the number of runners, I have a feeling it’s the highest number so far. Else, the atmosphere was superb, it did not disappoint, there are a lot of people in the city, so I think it was great, " said the winner after receiving the main prize. Jaroslav SZABO finished second (00:32:14). Michal LAMI (00:33:40) took third place.

Amongst the women the fastest was Katarína LAMIOVÁ with time 00:38:26, she enjoyed the run: "The victory is still a great feeling, I was curious as how the run will go, because this year I generally ran longer races, trails, mountainous and this run is very fast, but I ran better than ever before, " said the winner. Lívia KRAJŇÁKOVÁ (00:43:32) finished second, Miriam REISTETTEROVA (00:44:07) was placed third.

The fastest team was URBAN RUNNING TEAM (Jozef Urban, Radovan Tomeček, Martin Kušnirik, Zuzana Furbergerova), they completed ten kilometers at 00:32:51. The second fastest was TJ OBALSERVIS KOŠICE (Jaroslav Szabo, Martin Bendík, Emil Henček) with 00:33:42. The third team named ESET (Michal Lami, Katarína Lamiová, Martin Kozák, Marián Novák, Peter Palát, Peter Šeteščák, Marek Lapko) finished with 00:36:02.

The best amongst the schools was Drábova Primary School
At the Start line of the Košice Night Run also lined up pupils from Košice primary schools. Shortly after the main start, they run a five-kilometer track, completing one lap. The fastest among the boys was Jakub Vinarčík from Požiarnická Primary School. Second place won Dávid Mikula from Drábova 3 Elementary School, Nicolas Gergeľ also from the Drábova 3 Elementary School won third place. The fastest among the girls was Dominika Gomonaiová from Drábova 3 Elementary School, Viktória Jakabová from the same school won second place, bronze was taken by Kristína Kobularčíková also from the Drábova Elementary School.

Children also enjoyed running because they exchanged playgrounds and gyms for a historic city center: "We call it a Monumental trip at school, as we run between monuments and we like it very much," said the children shortly after their finish.

Košice Night Run also next year
The East metropolis has completed its sixth year of the Košice Night Run. It breathed a unique atmosphere into the city, which is famous for. Many have overcome their own achievements, others have combined the run and entertainment and enjoyed a relaxed pace.

"I am very glad we managed it well again, I would like to highlight the runners and the fans, they were very disciplined and it was obvious that Košice Night Run has already its place and people know what to expect from this night run. We will see you at the start line next year as well, the seventh year will be on 7.9.2018, " stated organizer Marek Petráš.

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